• Submit 1-10 high-resolution photographs or visual artworks.
  • Photographers / artists are paid $20 per acceptance.
  • Visual art can include painting, drawing, digital illustration, or sculpture.
  • For film/animation submit 1-3 pieces, no more than 10 minutes total.
  • Include a 50-200 word artist’s statement and bio in the cover letter.

  • Photography / visual art should have an immediate visceral impact.
  • For photography, we have soft spots for landscapes and animals.
  • We also favor HDR, over-processing, textures and all things old.
  • For visual art, we tend to prefer the concrete over the abstract.
  • But we love the abstract if it refuses to relinquish our attention.

  • We like dark as much as light.
  • We’ll reject just about everything; take it as invitation to persist.

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